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CLCL is clipboard caching utility.

  • All clipboard formats are supported.
  • Template can be registered.
  • Pop-up menu is displayed by "Alt+C."
  • Menu can be customized.
  • Item is paste automatically.
  • Picture is displayed on a menu.
  • Tool tip is displayed on a menu.
  • The format to leave and the format to save can be set up.
  • The ignored window can be set up.
  • The paste key for every window can be set up.
  • Function is extensible with plug-in.
  • freeware

    A screenshot of CLCL


CLCL Ver 1.1.2 (02/11/2005)

To install CLCL, copy the file to a suitable directory and is only performed.
A setup is written in the INI file.

  • Tools
    • tool_text Ver 0.0.1 (2003/03/18)
      • To Lower, To Upper
      • Quotation
      • Word Wrap
      • <TAG></TAG>
      • Etc...
    • tool_utl Ver 0.0.1 (2003/03/18)
      • Clear History
      • Clear Clipboard
      • Play Sound on copy
      • Always on Top
      • Etc...
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